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MLB Signees

Former Evansville Otters signed by Major League Baseball Organizations
Catcher Josh Cook Houston (1996)
Catcher Josh Cook New York Mets (1996)
Catcher Travis Stockam New York Mets (1997)
Catcher Matt Ceriani Milwaukee (1998)
Catcher Matt Ceriani Arizona (1998)
Outfielder Jason Clark Pittsburgh (1998)
RHP Brent Kelley Arizona (1998)
Shortstop Scott Heying Toronto (1998)
Catcher Nick Schwieder Anaheim (1998)
LHP Mike Chaney Pittsburgh (2000)
Outfielder Dustin Delucchi Seattle (2000)
LHP George Sherrill Seattle (2003)
RHP Chris Howay Oakland (2001)
RHP Don Blaylock Tampa Bay (2001)
Outfielder Chris Cosbey Milwaukee (2001)
2B Craig Martin Arizona (2001)
1B Ben Johanning San Diego (2002)
RHP Eddie Russell Florida (2002)
Catcher John Edwards Colorado (2002)
RHP Jeremy Hudson Chicago White Sox (2002)
2B Gabriel Delgado Texas (2002)
Outfielder Julius Foreman Cincinnati (2002)
Shortstop Ryan Dorsey Kansas City (2002)
RHP Tony Stutz Anaheim (2002)
Shortstop Casey Benjamin Texas (2003)
RHP Nick Bates Milwaukee (2003)
3B Juan Downing Atlanta (2003)
RHP Ryan Burnau Florida (2003)
RHP Cole Hilt Kansas City (2004)
RHP Amad Stephens New York Yankees (2004)
LHP Jeremy Lewis Milwaukee (2005)
RHP Kevin Cassidy Houston (2005)
RHP Dayle Campbell Cincinnati (2005)
Catcher Sean Flynn Colorado (2005)
1B Andrew Davie Chicago White Sox (2005)
RHP Justin Jordan Seattle (2005)
LHP Donny Langdon Seattle (2005)
Catcher Jason Radwan Seatlle (2006)
LHP Kyle Pawelczyk San Diego (2006)
LHP Kyle Pawelczyk Milwaukee (2006)
RHP Scott Souther Arizona (2006)
Catcher Ty Bubalo Texas (2007)
Outfielder Brendan O'Donnell Seattle (2008)
Shortstop Gered Mochizuki New York Mets (2009)
Outfielder Cameron Satterwhite Cincinnati (2009)
RHP  Ben Paxton Houston (2009)
Outfielder Breland Brown Arizona (2011)
Outfielder Breland Brown New York Yankees (2010)
Outfielder Breland Brown San Francisco (2009
LHP Sean Thompson Los Angeles Dodgers (2009)
RHP  Bradley Blanks Philadelphia (2009)
RHP  Bradley Blanks Milwaukee (2011)
RHP Andy Wells Philadelphia (2010)
RHP James Paduch Tampa Bay (2011)
RHP Robert Romero Los Angeles Dodgers (2011)
Outfielder Kenny Gilbert Chicago White Sox (2011)
LHP Andrew Werner San Diego (2011)
Catcher Billy Killian Minnesota (2012)
Infielder Sergio Miranda Atlanta (2012)
Danny Killian Detroit (2013)
First baseman
Andrew Clark New York Yankees (2013)
Bryce Morrow San Diego Padres (2013)
Anthony Collazo Arizona Diamondbacks (2013)
Michael Hepple New York Mets (2013)
John Nester San Diego Padres (2014)
RHP Terance Marin Chicago White Sox (2014)
RHP Robert Ramer San Francisco Giants (2014)
LHP Chad James Texas Rangers (2014)
3B Shayne Houck Arizona Diamondbacks (2014)
LHP Jose Velez Minnesota Twins (2014)